Match the line depth with you downrigger counter, look down the downrigger arm, tilt the device to match the downrigger cable angle

This App can actually help you catch more fish!

This DownRigger app will help you to get your bait in front of more fish. It does this by helping you get a better understanding of the depth your downrigger weight (Cannonball) is. When you are in moving water, or your boat is moving, your weight is being pulled and it goes up in the water. It’s not actually at the depth that you set you downrigger too. Depending on the depth and your speed, it can be well away from the depth you think it is. By using our tool, you can get a better sense of the actual depth you’re fishing at.

To use DownRigger, look down the arm of you boats’ downrigger. Spin the ‘Line’ display to match the number you set your downrigger depth too. Then just tilt your device so that the center line matches the angle of you downrigger cable as it comes off the arm and goes into the water. You should see the ‘Depth’ on the device screen change to match the angle of the cable. This is a closer representation of depth your cannonball is at.

DownRigger also helps get your lines down to the desired depth. If you touch the word ‘Line’ above the counter, it will change to ‘Depth’. By selecting the depth you would like your weight to be at, if will display the amount of ‘Line’ you need to let out.

Same as before, match the angle of the cable going in to the water to the center line, and the amount of ‘Line’ required to hit that depth will be displayed on top of your screen.

DownRigger - Helps You Catch More Fish!